Adrienne Evans is a Senior Lecturer in Media and Communication at Coventry University. Her main research has explored the relationship between the cultural, material and subjective within the field of the sexualisation of culture. She has published this work in the European Journal of Women’s Studies, Journal of Gender Studies and Feminism and Psychology. She is the author (with Sarah Riley) of Technologies of Sexiness: Sex, Identity and Consumer Culture (Oxford University Press), and Postfeminism and Health (with Sarah Riley and Martine Robson, Routledge, forthcoming).

Current work continues to develop her interest in contemporary gender relations, and the use of creative methods in research and teaching. This work has been published in Men and Masculinities, Participations and Teaching in Higher Education.

She is Director of Study for Francien Broekhuizen’s PhD research on postfeminist bridal culture, Poppy Wilde’s PhD research on embodiment and subjectivity in MMORPGs, and Joshua Price’s MRes on wikisexuality and the invisibility of bisexuality.

She is currently a member of the Onscenity Research Network, is on the Editorial Board for the Journal of Gender Studies, and helps organise the Media Research Seminars in the Media Department at Coventry University.

Contact details:

Address: ETG22/23, Department of Media, Ellen Terry, Coventry University CV1 5FB

Email: adrienne.evans@coventry.ac.uk